Saturday, April 22, 2017

Flowers For Angel Dory

I always say, one of the best things about blogging is all the wonderful pets you come to know and love through their blogs.  The worst thing is having to say goodbye to some of those beautiful pets.  Last week we said goodbye to Dory, from the blog Dory's Backyard.  On this Blog Hop we all come together to honor Dory with a Flowers For Dory Tribute.

Saying goodbye to our sweet friend Dory from Dory's Backyard.
Look at Dory's gorgeous smile, This beautiful photo was borrowed from the blogs Kinley Westie and  Dory's Backyard  Join us on this special Blog Hop, Flowers For  Dory, below
I loved seeing photos of Dory on her blog, Dory's Backyard.  She had the most adorable smile.   

Flowers For Dory, a tribute to Dory from Dory's Backyard

Jakey, Bilbo, and Arty will miss their big sister terribly.  Perhaps she'll visit them in their dreams to let them know she's ok and will wait for them on the Rainbow Bridge.

Dory was such a sweetie.  I will miss seeing her adorable little face on the blog.  I'm sending a photo of my favorite kind of flowers, the puppydog bouquet, in Dory's honor.

A Flower Puppy as tribute to our friend Dory, from Dory's Backyard

Run free, playing on the Rainbow Bridge,  Angel Dory!


Friday, April 21, 2017

Two Adoptable Dogs Looking For LOVE!

There are several days in April devoted to pet adoption, but really Anytime is a great time to give a shelter pet a home!  There are so many pets in need at shelters and rescues everywhere.

Today I'm spotlighting two dogs beautiful shelter dogs who are in need of a loving home.  They are from Bideawee, in Long Island New York.  I grew up on Long Island, and Bideawee has been a fixture in our community ever since I can remember.  Talk to any native Long Islander and chances are a good percentage of them will say they adopted a pet from Bideawee at some point in their lives!

The two dogs I'm spotlighting today are Frank and Neida.  They are Long Stay adoptable animals at Bideawee who need a little extra care and patience.  They are part of Bideawee's Long Stay Animals, known as the Bideawee Bunch.  Frank and Neida have been waiting for quite some time for that special person or family to take them home! 

Adoptable dog Neida is a beautiful Border Collie/Terrier mix in need of a loving home from Bideawee
Neida, a beautiful girl in need of a loving home
It isn't every day that you meet a lady as unique and gorgeous as this gal! Please allow me to introduce you to Neida, a Border Collie/Terrier mix. She is a stunningly beautiful 6-year-old pooch, who boasts one sky blue eye, and one that's cocoa-brown! Neida is full of personality and affection and has been with us here at Bideawee for over a year. 

Adoptable dog neida has been waiting for a home for over a year at the Bideawee shelter, New York

Neida's dream home would be the one that can give her all the time and patience that she deserves, so she can settle in, and bond with her family gently and quietly. She longs for a family that she can trust, and who will make her feel safe. In return, Neida promises a lifetime of love, friendship, and faithfulness.  If she sounds like the girl for you, then please ask about Neida!  Find Neida's online profile on this page.

Handsome adoptable dog Frank waiting for a home at the Bideawee shelter in New York
Handsome Frank is looking for someone to love who will love him back!
Everyone please come on over and meet Frank! He is a charming and handsome 3 year old Chinese Shar-Pei mix, who dons the most adorable little ears! If they don't get you, Frank's wrinkly face and happy-go-lucky smile certainly will. Over-flowing with spirit and love, Frank is gung-ho for his people pals and playtime alike. He loves to run around and play games! Weighing in at 50 pounds, he's a great size for anyone seeking a medium-sized companion! Frank is seeking an adult-only home that can provide him with daily exercise, adventures, and playtime. A home with a canine companion is a possibility as well, as long as Frank and his future doggie siblings hit it off on the meet and greet! If Frank sounds like the one, please ask about adopting him today.  Find Frank's online profile on this page.

Frank and Neida's adoption fees have already been covered so their adoptions are FREE!  Contact BIDEAWEE if you are interested in Frank (ID: 1650 or Neida (ID: 0809) they're at the West Hampton location.

Bideawee is America's First No-Kill Animal Rescue, saving lives since 1903
There was a third dog named Scout in the Bideawee Bunch that I was supposed to spotlight as well.  He had been at Bideawee for Five long years!  That is way too long for any pet to wait for a loving home!  I just learned that Scout has finally been adopted!  I am overjoyed to see this long timer finally go to a forever HOME.  Scout is proof that no matter how bleak a shelter pet's future seems, there is always hope.

Bideawee is a wonderful organization.  They do so much for pets in need throughout our community.  They are extra special to me for two reasons;  

­čś║ Icy and I do our Therapy Dog volunteer work through Bideawee.  They provide us with assignment where we can do the most good helping people, and they give us the support we need to do so.

­čś║ The biggest reason Bideawee is so special to me is that I'm filled with gratitude to them for giving my family the joy of our lives, Ginny, a Golden Retriever mix.  I was 7 years old when we got Ginny, and in my early twenties when we lost her.  Having Ginny in my life was so important to me, she was one of the greatest gifts a child could have in her life.  She was my true Heart Dog.  

My childhood dog Ginny, the joy of my life.  I'm so grateful to have loved you, I'll never stop missing you my sweet girl.
Frank and Neida could be one of the greatest gifts in someone's life too, if given the chance.  I hope you'll consider giving Frank or Neida a loving home.  If you can't adopt right now, please share this to help them find a loving home with someone else!

Thank You!!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Improve Your Social Media and Blogging Skills At The BlogPaws Conference

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My BlogPaws Conference Story:

When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing, and I didn't know any other bloggers out there.  My friends and family weren't bloggers and didn't understand what I was trying to accomplish with my blog.  I had no network of like-minded pet lovers that I could share with or learn from, I was eager to connect with an online community.  

Finding BlogPaws was a total game changer for me.  If I hadn't found BlogPaws I would have given up on blogging and social media altogether.  That would have meant giving up on my passion for sharing what I know about pets and animal welfare, and turning that passion into a full time endeavor.  It may sound a bit extreme but it's true, I was only a few months from giving it up completely because I felt like my blog was going nowhere fast!

I found BlogPaws in 2014 and it changed everything for me. I quickly discovered that I didn't know what I didn't know about blogging and social media!  My first conference was a whirlwind of learning and networking.  I knew there was a way to make blogging a business and that there were people doing it. The trouble was, I had NO IDEA how to do it!  But by the end of the conference I felt like the full time blogging life I was dreaming about could actually become a reality!  Thanks to the learning sessions at the conference I had a better understanding of how to "monetize" a blog, how to use social media to promote content and much more

After that first conference, I was on my way to pursuing a life of working from home as a pet blogger and social media influencer.  BlogPaws conferences offer learning sessions at all levels, so each year I've learned and grown my blogging and social media skills more and more.  I've expanded my network of bloggers, social media experts, and brands as well.

In reviewing my Blogging Goals for 2017,  I'm thinking about which Agenda Topics will be the most relevant for me to attend at this year's conference.  Here are just some of the sessions I'm most looking forward to attending:

One of my goals is always to continue growing my blog, so I will definitely benefit from attending one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sessions.  SEO optimizing each of my blog posts will help me get my numbers up.  It's not all about the numbers of course, but if I'm putting my heart and soul into everything I write, and I want to consider my blog a business (I do!), then understanding and utilizing SEO is a must.  There's a session for beginners and one for advanced bloggers, I just might attend them both!

 Another goal of mine is to line up more campaigns for myself.  The working session on What Are You Worth In 2017 And How To Make Brands Believe It is definitely on my radar!  There's also a Branding Workshop that will talk about creating a blogging brand strategy and what brands are looking for in the Influencers they choose to work with on their campaigns.

 Online Video Marketing has begun to dominate, especially on social media channels. reported that "by 2017 online video will account for 74% of all web traffic"  Needless to say, a session on improving video skills is on my agenda.  There are two great video sessions offered at the same time, I've got 3 weeks to decide which one to take!

 How To Set up Shop and Monetize Selling Your Own Product is another one I'm interested in.  I've got a product idea but I'm not sure how to bring it to fruition.  I'm really looking forward to getting some solid guidance at this session!

 Fabulous Keynote Speakers always provide a wealth of information and a hefty does of motivation!  I can't wait to see what Digital Marketing expert Jay Baer and expert Marketing Strategist Kathleen Gage have to share with us.

And of course there's  FUN stuff like the Yappy Hours, the Revamped Cat Lounge, the Special Events hosted by conference sponsors, and the Conference Grand Finale, the Nose To Nose Awards Dinner!

Whatever level your social media or blogging knowledge and skills are at, there are presentations and sessions that are right for you.  The BlogPaws conference is jam packed with sessions that will help you enhance and expand your blogging and social media skillset.

BlogPaws blogging & social media Conferences are totally Pet Friendly so you can bring your furry, feathered, or scaly muse along!  Get your conference ticket & book your hotel room, before they sell out!
BlogPaws conferences are totally PET FRIENDLY!  That's right, you can bring your furry, feathered, or scaly Muse along!
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What are you hoping to achieve for your blog and social media strategy this year?  How do you think the BlogPaws conference might help you accomplish your goals?  Leave us a comment, we'd love to know what you think!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogPaws. The opinions and text are all mine.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!


We're saying goodbye to cold Winter weather and welcoming Spring!
Icy is one dog that probably isn't all that happy about saying goodbye to snow!

Dogs are welcoming Spring!
Phoebe loves the warm weather & all the flowers so she's happily welcoming Spring!
(This is a PetSmart Affiliate link.  If you make a purchase through this link I may receive a few pennies)



Friday, April 14, 2017

See Beautiful; Footprints On Our Hearts,Tribute To Sugar

One of the most wonderful things about being a Pet Blogger is getting to know and love each others' pets.  One of the saddest things is when you hear about the loss of one of those pets.  We have had to say goodbye to many of the pets we've come to know and love in our blogging world.  One of those pets is the beautiful Sugar, from Sugar The Golden Retriever.

I feel so lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting Sugar in person at the BlogPaws conference in Phoenix last year, and spending time with her.  She was so beautiful.  So sweet, gentle and loving to everyone.

Sugar and her Mom, front & center in a group photo at BlogPaws.
Sugar was so exceptional.  She touched the hearts of everyone who knew her.  When you see Sugar's smile, you can't help but smile yourself.

I love this beautiful photo of Sugar and her Mom!
Sugar's Mom Rosalyn is also very special.  She is always so kind and helpful to fellow bloggers.  She helped me out quite a lot with one of my earlier campaigns, when I was feeling a bit clueless. 

Here's Sugar at the PetSmart table at BlogPaws.  She was getting ready to get a pet "tattoo"!

Sugar left Footprints on so many hearts, so today we honor her with this See Beautiful blog hop.

Dog Friendly Beach!

What's more fun than a dog friendly beach?!  I love seeing the dogs diving into the water, chasing after balls and frisbees, it's a blast!  They have so much fun.  We have a nice little dog friendly beach here in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island.  It's mainly used by the local residents but the word has been spreading thanks to the internet.

Icy doesn't actually "swim" per se, but she is really starting to enjoy wading into the water up to her belly.  When there are a bunch of other dogs at the beach she gets very excited, her hesitation melts away and wants to join in!  

Icy likes to get up on the edge and watch the other serious water dogs dive in after balls and frisbees and marvel at how they swim!  She won't jump in from the edge, she will walk gingerly down the aluminum dock launch or walk in via the sandy beach.  I'm glad she doesn't dive in, it can be dangerous for any dog to dive in when the tide is low and the water is shallow. 

Look how much fun these dogs are having jumping into the water, swimming and chasing balls and frisbees!!  I hope Icy will one day join in with exuberance like these dogs and really SWIM!  Who has more fun at the beach than these dogs!?

Icy is a total people lover, she loves every person (as well as every dog) she meets!  She insists on greeting all the humans at the dog park, pet friendly beach, and pretty much everywhere else.  You may think that's great, but actually it is sometimes an issue.  Other dogs are often possessive of their humans.  Icy has been "corrected" by dogs several times  "Hey, Husky Girl, get your big snout away from my hu-mom!!"  I always have to keep an eye out for her being too friendly with the other pet parents.  Their fur kids don't always appreciate it!

It was an awesome day at the dog beach, we are so glad it's beach weather again!

Summer is around the corner, so keep these Pet Beach Safety tips in mind as the weather warms up!

Planning a beach vacation this Summer?  The stunning, pristine beaches of The Hamptons and Montauk on Long Island, New York are really special and can be surprisingly dog friendly, if you now where & when to go!


(This is a PetSmart Affiliate Link; if you purchase something through this link, I may receive a few cents as a PetSmart Affiliate Partner)

Do you take your dog or other pets to pet friendly beaches?  What does your pet like most about the beach?  Leave us a comment and share!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Phoebe Gets Ready For The BlogPaws Conference

Phoebe is getting ready for the best Blogging and Social Media Conference of the year, BlogPaws!

Getting ready for the BlogPaws Blogging and Social Media conference
All the Essentials I'll need for the conference.  Do you think I need more toys?
Blogging and social media learning at the BlogPaws conference
The conference is at a beach, Myrtle Beach, so I'm packing my Mermaid collar!

Lots of networking and learning at the BlogPaws social media & blogging conference
My pink pearl necklace will be perfect for the Yappy Hours
Have you registered for the BlogPaws Conference yet?  They are 75% full so don't delay, tickets will run out!  I hope to see you there!

Still undecided about the conference?  Here are just 5 Great Reasons to Attend the BlogPaws Social Media & Bloggers Conference!  

Read the Essential BlogPaws 2017 Conference Everything Post for all the conference details you'll need!