Tuesday, October 21, 2014

100 Places To See With Your Dog: The Hamptons, Long Island, New York

The Hamptons.  The ultimate Summer playground conjures up images of celebrities and mega millionaires for many people.  But for most New Yorkers it's a weekend getaway where you can sunbathe on the most pristine beaches, dine on freshly caught seafood, shop 'til you drop (or run out of money, whichever comes first!), party all night long, and pick up fresh local produce at farm stands on the way home!

But there's another side to The Hamptons, a quieter time when you can bring your dog along and have some fun.  I could have written a post about the Foo-Foo and Fifi side of  The Hamptons, spotlighting chic doggy boutiques and people carting their tiny dogs around as they shop for hours and attend polo games.  Instead, I opted to focus on the part of The Hamptons that may not seem as glamorous to most "Summer people", but would be an absolute blast for you and your dog! 

Icy enjoying an empty beach and plenty of sunshine at Road D beach in Southampton
Fall can be one of the best times to head to The Hamptons.  The crowds are thin and you don't have to worry as much about heatstroke, sunburn, hot walking surfaces or dehydration.   More importantly, restrictions to beach access for both humans and dogs are greatly relaxed after September 15th.  During the Summer, restrictions to accessing the fabulous Atlantic ocean beaches can be a bit insane. 

I love the sound of waves crashing on the beach, but Icy prefers to swim in the calmer waters of beaches on the Bay side.
In Summer, beaches have both access and parking costs and restrictions for people, and access restrictions for dogs.  You need to study the rules for the beach you want to go to, each one is a bit different.  If you violate the rules, you'll end up with stiff fines and your car will likely be towed.  You practically need a PhD to figure out which beach you can go to and when, whether or not you can park, and whether or not and when you can bring your dog!  The good news is that many beaches on the Bay side of The Hamptons are dog friendly all year long.  They are not nearly as pristine as the Atlantic ocean beaches but the waves are gentle and there's always something interesting to see (and sniff!) along the shoreline.  Your dog will have fun romping along the shores of Bay side beaches, sniffing all the interesting stuff that has washed up along the beach!

Beaches on the Bay side of The Hamptons may not be as pristine as the ocean beaches, but they are pretty and interesting in their own way.

It looks more like a haunted house, but historic Cedar Island lighthouse, is on Cedar Point beach, on the Bay side in E. Hampton.  At the time of this writing, the light was being restored and had been temporarily removed from the top.
We always look forward to heading out to The Hamptons between September 16th and late October.  The weather is still beautiful, quite warm and sunny in September.  In October the weather is cool & brisk and farm stands are loaded with pumpkins and apples!  The traffic and crowds have calmed down, everything goes on sale in the stores, you rarely have to wait for a table at restaurants, and best of all you can bring your dog to just about any beach.  It's divine!

We stop for breakfast at one of the many dog friendly cafes before we hit the beaches and shops.
Beach Bakery Grand Café in West Hampton.  Dog friendly & Delish!
There are lots of shops where you can find the latest (human & doggie) fashions, unique home décor, and antiques throughout The Hamptons.  Shopping out there is Expensive, but you can score big with end of season sales in the Fall!

Shopping in The Hamptons is fantastic, but pricey so bring your credit card!
The Tuscan House in Southampton, a fantastic Italian restaurant that is so dog friendly.  We love this place!
At the end of a beautiful September day in The Hamptons, we had dinner at the very dog friendly Tuscan House for a heavenly meal and great service.  Of course, we just had to stop at a several farm stands on the way home!

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  1. Love the lighthouse, and the fact they have dog friendly cafes. So cool! Will have to put on the bucket list of places to see.

    Thanks for sharing the pic!

    1. Definitely a great bucket list destination, The Hamptons is mostly dog friendly, but the beaches do have restrictions. Thanks for stopping by today, Suzanne!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!!
    All wonderful places too!
    Hope your having a great week!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Thank you Jenna, I appreciate that! I take dozens of photos and cull them down drastically to find a few good ones! Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. I have never been to The Hamptons, but would love to visit some day. I like your idea of visiting in the Fall and avoiding the crowds. Although I love the ocean (either one) and would love to live on one of the coasts some day, Ruby is a true midwestern dog. Last summer we took a road trip to MA to visit my dad. I had dreams of taking Ruby to the ocean and her just loving it. We searched and searched for a dog friendly beach, finally found one and guess what ...she hated it. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with water, waves, or sand. LOL